Taking good care of your jewelry ensures that it will stay beautiful much longer. Our jewels are made to be worn every day, but resin jewelry requires special care. If you want to keep your unique keepsakes looking their best and extend their life for many years, check out these guidelines we created for you.

Is resin jewelry especially delicate?

Resin jewelry is pretty hard-wearing. We provide high quality grade resin in our kits, which results in breastmilk stones that are strong and shatter resistant. However, you must know that due to its composition, any resin might experience chemical reactions when exposed to certain conditions. That is why we advise you to take off your breastmilk jewels under some circumstances to protect them.

Can water damage my jewel?

Resin is water resistant, but this applies to accidental water splashes only. Do not submerge your jewelry pieces in water. Chlorine, saltwater, hot water, or moisture are potential threats for your breastmilk stone.

We recommend you take your jewels off before showering, swimming in the pool, or in the ocean. For rings and bracelets, it is advised to remove them before washing your hands.

What about sunlight exposure?

It is safe to wear your piece of jewelry outdoors, but you should avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and UV light. Resin doesn’t get along well with the heat either.

If you don’t want to take the risk of your breastmilk stone discoloring or softening, we recommend that you avoid wearing it if you’ll be exposed to the sun or UV light for a lengthy period, or under high temperatures. Examples of these could be sunbathing, driving under the sun for hours, or going to a sauna. For these situations, you might want to keep your piece of jewelry somewhere else.

Products that can damage your jewel

In general, you should keep your breastmilk jewel away from any products with harsh chemicals or substances that could stain.

Direct contact with perfumes, oils, creams, hair spray, make up, soap/shampoo, or moisturizers might cause damage to your piece of jewelry, so we recommend you proceed with caution with these. Products like solvents, bleach, nail polish remover, or self-tanning lotions are very harmful. Always avoid exposing your breastmilk jewelry to them!


For cleaning your breastmilk jewels, just use a clean, dry polishing cloth and give your jewelry a firm rub down to remove any moisture or dirt.

It’s better not to use tissue paper or paper towels, since they can cause scratching. Don’t use abrasive or ready-to-clean formulas and avoid placing your jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner.

Silver Care

Silver might eventually tarnish over time. You can use a silver cleaning cloth with anti-tarnish protection to bring out the shine of the metal. Be careful not to use this product on the breastmilk stone.

You can also take your breastmilk jewelry to a jeweler for a professional polishing, but they need to avoid using any products on the breastmilk stone as well.

  • Physical activity and sleeping

    For most people, working out or going to bed while wearing their jewels can be uncomfortable. If that is not your case, we will give you another reason to take your breastmilk jewelry off before you engage any of these activities: it’s easier to scratch, tangle your chain, break, or damage your precious keepsake in any way. Keep it safe!

  • Storage

    When not used, we recommend that you store your breastmilk jewelry in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Try to keep your jewelry pieces away from each other so they are not damaged when they come into contact.

Fixing your breastmilk stone

If your breastmilk stone has been scratched or tarnished, you can apply an extra layer of the UV top coat included in the kit and cure it under the UV lamp. This will add an extra layer of protection and might cover any dents or imperfections.

If this doesn’t work for you, hopefully you have enough material to create a new breastmilk stone or you can use one you previously made.