Welcome to this exciting project!

Congrats on getting a Milky Treasures Gold Necklace Kit!

We are so excited for you to start this project and help you make a unique jewel out of your own breast milk. We put all our heart in designing this kit and we really hope you love it as much as we do. It'll be fun!

If you purchased the Gold Necklace Only, you can skip to Phase 3 (Step 9).

This contains some items that you don't even need for making the ring but we still included them in case you want to purchase another separate jewel and mold from us. That way you can increase your collection and make a new breast milk ring or necklace for a fraction of the price of a full kit!


Before we get started…

You will be guided through this process with a number of steps. Don’t worry… you don’t have to be an artist nor have any special creative skill. Just a bit of a patience will do the trick to get the best possible result! Therefore, it’s very important to read the instructions carefully and follow the steps accordingly. We know all these pages might seem intimidating, but the process is part of the experience!

We want you to enjoy this process so no need to get stressed. Any questions you have along the way, we’re here for you on our social media accounts (Instagram, TikTok or Facebook). Reach out to us and we'll be happy to help!

What you’ll need

This kit contains everything you’ll need to create your unique jewel, except for a couple of things you'll find at home: 

∙  1 x Small bowl
∙  1 x Small spoon
∙  Paper napkins or tissues
∙  3ml or 0.6tsp of breast milk

Your breast milk can be fresh or frozen. It can be even 5+ years old, as long as it has been well preserved. Spoiled milk is not suitable for this process.

The below items are not necessary, but certainly helpful and recommended:

∙   Ethanol, nail polish remover, or other mild solvent
∙   Mortar and pestle
∙   Stainless-steel fine mesh, fine coffee filter, or fine tea filter


Phase 1: Let’s preserve that breast milk!

(Here’s what you’ll need: breast milk, preservation powder, a syringe, a small bowl, a small spoon or a spatula, and one parchment paper sheet. Please, note that our syringe comes separated into two parts in the kit. You'll have to assemble it before using)

Make sure the breast milk you use has been well preserved and there are no signs of spoilage. While you can boil breast milk to kill bacteria before using it, make sure it cools off prior to starting this phase as our preservation powder works best with breast milk at either fridge or room temperature conditions.


Step 1


Open the container with our Milky Treasures' preservation powder and pour it all in a small bowl. Once you have your well-preserved breast milk at fridge or room temperature, use the syringe to measure 3ml of breast milk and pour it into the same small bowl where you put the Milky Treasures' preservation powder. 


Step 2

You can use one of the spatulas or a small spoon to mix the breast milk and the preservation powder. Do this until you get a liquidly-white paste.


Step 3

Pour the paste from step #2 onto one of the parchment paper sheets and use the same spatula or spoon to spread it out so the white paste can dry.


Step 4

Let it rest in a dry place at room temperature for 24 hours. 

* Our preservation powder is made of non-toxic and natural ingredients so it’s safe to let the paste rest inside your home. 


Phase 2: Turning paste into powder 

(Here’s what you’ll need: the dried paste you made from the previous phase, a parchment paper sheet, a spatula, a small bowl and a small spoon, or a mortar and pestle. A stainless-steel fine mesh will also be useful!)

Time to turn the dried paste into a powder that will be used in your jewel!

For the next steps, we recommend you use a mortar and pestle if you have one as it’s very efficient at grinding the powder to be very fine. Additionally, a fine mesh (like a coffee or tea filter, or even a fine strainer) will be useful to get the finest possible powder. If you don’t have any of these (or don’t want to get them) you can use a small bowl, a spoon, and some patience.


Step 5

Take the silicon coated sheet with the dried paste and carefully bend and scrape the surface with a spatula or a spoon. Put the dried paste pieces either inside a mortar and pestle or a small bowl.


Step 6

Grind the paste into a powder with a spoon or a pestle. The finer the better! In the upcoming steps we will mix this powder with resin and you don’t want big crumbs to be noticeable!


Step 7 (Optional)

Use a fine mesh (like a coffee or tea filter, or even a fine strainer) to separate the larger particles and grind them separately. Repeat this process until you get a very fine powder.

Other method: If you don't have a mesh, you can reuse one of the plastic bags that comes in the kit (ex. the bag the gloves come in). Pour the dried paste inside, close it, and grind it with a spoon from the outside. 


Step 8

Pour the powder into a new silicone coated sheet. The final result should look like the picture.

As a forewarning, these steps can be a bit messy, especially if you are filtering the powder. Also, some larger crumbs tend to fly out of the bowl when grinding! Don’t worry, this is normal and even if you lose part of the powder in this process, you’ll still have more than enough for the final steps!

* If the powder irritates your nose, please use a facial mask.

Phase 3: Filling up the empty setting of your ring

(Here’s what you’ll need: breast milk powder, oval ring, UV Resin, UV Top coat, UV Lamp, a parchment paper sheet, toothpicks, adhesive putty, paper napkins or cotton pads/swabs, ethanol or nail polish remover. Optional: gold/silver flakes. Please, note that the UV Resin bottle comes sealed. You'll need to open it before using)


This is the final phase! It’s time to mix the breast milk powder with the UV resin, fill up the empty cavities of your ring, and apply the top coat!

Before we proceed with the last steps, we want to share a couple of recommendations and things to have in mind that will make the difference in your results:


  • You'll be using a small amount of the breast milk powder you just made. The same applies to the UV Resin and Top coat. We offer other breast milk jewelry kits at a more affordable price that were specifically designed for customers who already purchased a full kit like this one. You can always reuse the extra materials!

  • Find a well-lit location for the next steps. When you work with UV Resin, tiny bubbles will appear and they can be hard to spot. The toothpicks will be useful to remove them, but you need to notice any imperfections while the UV Resin is still a liquid and hasn’t hardened yet. Finding bubbles after the resin has hardened can be frustrating, so make sure you work in the right environment. Lighting is the key.

  • UV Resin is made out of chemical components. While our UV Resin is high quality, you should always work in a well-ventilated space. Safety first!
With these tips in mind, let’s continue with the next steps!

Step 9

Take a new parchment paper sheet and use it as a base to add other materials you will need in this process. Add a generous drop of UV Resin, and next to it, add a pinch or two of the breast milk powder that you made from phase #2 onto the parchment sheet.

Insider tip: When you squeeze the UV Resin bottle to pour some resin, it might blow some air. Be gentle to avoid blowing some powder away.


Step 10

Take a toothpick and mix the resin and the powder well. You are looking for a mixture that is solid white but still liquid. The consistency should be similar to what the UV Resin was before mixing.

Insider tip: Since you're going to be adding liquid resin to the ring, you don't want to turn it because the resin could spill. You can take a little of the adhesive putty, stick it onto a flat surface, and use it as a base for the ring.


Step 11

Make sure the ring is clean. Wipe the toothpick you used for mixing or use a new one. With a very small amount of the mixed resin on the toothpick, use the tip to fill the bottom of an empty cavity of the ring. You want to fill up to where the edge starts, but avoid covering it all the way up to the top with mixed resin.

Clean any resin stains out of the designated cavity or on the edge. You can use a tissue or cotton pads/swabs. Ethanol or nail polish remover are very useful to remove liquid resin.


Step 12

Place the ring on the adhesive putty base or hold it under the UV lamp and let it cure for 45-60 seconds (press the button once on your UV Lamp). After this, the mixed resin will be hardenred and won't spill.

Step 13

Repeat Step #11 once more to fill the setting up to the edge. If you prefer, you can apply a layer of resin directly to the setting this time and use a toothpick to make swirls with the white mixture, creating a cloud-like effect. Once you're happy with the result, proceed to repeat Step #12 for curing.

Your ring is almost finished now, but the setting still looks flat and matte. On the final steps, you're going to apply a final layer of UV Top coat to make it shinnier and add a beautiful sense of depth.


Step 14

Open the UV Top coat and extract the brush. Grab your ring and use the brush's corner to apply a substantial amount of top coat onto the filled setting. The goal is to establish a layer significant enough to produce a slight curve on the setting's surface, adding extra dimension to the ring. If you accidentally apply an excessive amount of top coat, carefully remove any excess with a tissue or a cotton swab.


Step 15 (Optional)

This kit includes three different flakes. If you want, you can add some flakes to this top coat layer, before curing. In that case, use the toothpicks to cut some small pieces of your preferred one and place the flake/s inside the top coat drop.


Step 16

Once you like the look of the layer, place it under the UV Lamp one last time and let it cure for 45 - 60 seconds (press the button once on your UV Lamp).


!! You have created your own and unique breast milk jewelry piece. We really hope you enjoyed this project. ❤️

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