Crown Necklace Kit (Full Kit)

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Create your own piece of jewelry made from your own breast milk with this Do It Yourself (DIY) kit that comes with all the materials you’ll need, including:

  • A beautiful crown necklace base setting and chain, both made of 925 sterling silver. Enjoy the process of making a unique breast milk stone that will rest inside the necklace.
  • A product book for detailed instructions on how to proceed step by step. This information can be accessed on your phone as well by scanning a QR code within the product book.
  • 3 different flake options: Gold, Silver and Rose Gold.
  • Milky Treasure's preservation powder formula to prevent your breast milk from spoiling.
  • UV Resin and UV LED Lamp to ensure the finest finish.
  • Enough material to make over 12 breast milk stones. No special skills required!

Get your own elegant and unique keepsake of your maternity, made from your own hands at home. 

Pendant dimensions: 18x15mm
Chain length:  16.75 inches (extendable to 18.5 inches)
Box size: 7.01 x 5.04 x 1.89 inches